• 2023

    For the ninth consecutive year, the prestigious business awards "COMPANY OF THE YEAR" were held, organized by the magazine and club Business Lady. The event recognized a total of 20 companies, institutions, and media for their exceptional contributions in various areas such as human capital development, continuous improvement of product quality, efficiency and transparency, competitiveness and innovation, customer approach, successful business model, know-how, effective market positioning, and sustainable development.

    We are proud to announce that ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD once again claimed FIRST PLACE in the Construction and Engineering sector. This well-deserved award was presented to architect Vessela Mirianova, the executive director of the company, as a recognition of their undeniable success and outstanding performance.

    The "COMPANY OF THE YEAR" awards aim to showcase successful management models, effective business practices, and appropriate human capital development. They inspire entrepreneurship in Bulgarian society and support startup companies in the country. Linked to rich professional experience, innovation, sustainable development, and successful management, these awards acknowledge and encourage high achievements in the competitive business environment and promote a positive public image.


    For the thirteenth consecutive year, the annual awards of Business Lady magazine and club were presented at an official ceremony. The awards recognize the outstanding contributions of Bulgarian businesswomen in various categories. The event welcomed nearly 150 personalities from the business, political, and cultural spheres. In the "Construction and Architecture" sector, the first place was once again awarded to architect Vessela Miryanova, co-founder, executive director, and majority owner of ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD.


  • 2022

    At the official ceremony of the national competition "BUILDING OF THE YEAR" 2022, the SIYANIE building was awarded the FIRST PRIZE in the category of "RESIDENTIAL BUILDINGS FROM 5,000 TO 10,000 SQ.M. GFA". ARTEKS received the award as the investor, designer, and builder.


    At a solemn ceremony on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber, ARTEKS ENGINEERING was awarded with a GOLD AWARD in the annual ranking of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber for achieving good results in 2021 in the implementation of HIGH-RISE BUILDING CONSTRUCTION, ITS RELATED INFRASTRUCTURE, ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION NETWORKS AND FACILITIES.


    The best representatives of the real estate sector for 2021 were awarded at a solemn ceremony for the presentation of the seventh " Annual Awards", which took place on May 17 at the Hyatt Regency Sofia.
    The award for residential "Property of the Year" was won by the boutique building SIYANIE, which stands out with its bold architectural vision and originality, filled with the impeccable quality of ARTEKS ENGINEERING.


  • 2021

    At an official ceremony DIAMOND II BUILDING has won the first award in “Residential Buildings over 10 000 square meters” in the national BUILDING OF THE YEAR competition for 2021. ARTEKS received the awards for the investor, designer and builder.


    The annual awards of Business Lady Magazine and club have been presented for the tenth consecutive year. The awards are The annual awards of Business Lady Magazine and club have been presented for the tenth consecutive year. The awards are presented for the greatest contribution of the Bulgarian businesswoman in various categories. The event took place on June 9, at the Inter Expo Center, which welcomed people from the business community, politics, culture, and friends of the magazine. The organizers had selected 25 categories amongst public life, business, and the media, and 27 ladies were honored.

    A total of five successful managers were awarded in various BUSINESS SECTORS - arch. Vesela Miryanova, Executive Director of Arteks Engineering AD received an award in the Construction and Architecture sector for "Establishing a business company as a brand of trust".


  • 2020

    ARTEKS ENGINEERING has been awarded COMPANY OF THE YEAR for 2020 in the "Construction and Engineering"  category in the competition for the annual awards "Company of the Year", organized for the sixth consecutive year by Bulgaria Business Review Magazine, Business Lady Magazine and Business Lady Club.

    ARTEKS received official recognition and a statuette for the efforts made in the direction of human capital development, continuous improvement of the quality of the offered product/service, efficiency and transparency, competitiveness and innovation, customer approach, successful business model, know-how, good market positioning and sustainable development. 

    The "Company of the Year" awards is a continuation of the main goal of two editions - Business Lady and Bulgaria Business Review - to share successful business models, to be a platform for various professional success, personal qualities and achievements.


    Architect Vessela Miryanova received an award for personal inspiration in the "Architecture and Construction" category. She was awarded for her contribution in the field of innovative management and imposition of new standards in construction. The award was presented by Business Lady Awards 2020.

    „Many of the personal values ​​of architect Vessela Miryanova are embedded in ARTEKS philosophy - ethics, high morals, dignity, faith in beauty and goodness. This is the reason why architecture is not just a profession for her, but a path to perfection. And the buildings created by ARTEKS ENGINEERING are a message to future generations, which incorporate the name, skills and honor of their creators" - said the Business Lady Awards 2020 organizers at the award ceremony.

    The Business Lady Awards aim to highlight successful management models, effective business practices and adequate development of human capital, thus giving publicity and encouraging women's entrepreneurship among Bulgarian public.

    Therefore, it is not surprising that this is the fourth award for architect Miryanova from Business Lady Awards. "Every award is very important for us, because that's how we see that our work is noticed and that the trust in us grows with each passing year. But this award has a special value for me because it gives me confidence that the success of businesswomen is increasingly visible in Bulgaria" - said architect Vessela Miryanova.


    On 19.06.20 the charity campaign "For the greatness of the temple" was held in aid of the patriarchal cathedral "St. Alexander Nevsky”, which is the final event of the “Ball of Builders and Architects” campaign.

    Within this event, this year's National Awards for Construction and Investment were distributed, and ARTEKS ENGINEERING was awarded two prizes in two categories. DIAMOND 2 building received the statuette for first place in the category "High housing construction", and AVIGEA building received third place in the category "Construction of multifunctional buildings".

    The awards were accepted by architect Plamen Plamenov Miryanov, ARTEKS PROJECT Manager, who gave an impressive speech:

    "Dear guests, as you know, today the Holy Orthodox Church celebrates the day of the Reverend Paisii Hilendarski. He is the first to call for enlightenment, spiritual progress and self-awareness.

    It is important to me that today we all have gathered here to make our donation to Aleksander Nevsky Temple.  It is symbolic that the most dignified and emblematic Bulgarian church was built by donations of the whole nation. 110 years later, we see clearly how God destroys matter, perhaps to re-examine whether our spirit is alive.
    By restoring this architecture, let us be able to resurrect our living connection with the Almighty, and return to the bosom of Christian values ​​and eternal moral virtues. Because, as one spirited friend of mine has said, "No society needs the memory of its spiritual greatness as desperately as that which thinks that can pass without it."
    And as a favorite poet writes, whose name we mention this year on the occasion of the 170th anniversary of his birth:

    "Don't leave without an asterisk

    The sailor, in the darkness of the night

    Without morning the little bird,

     And nations - without an ideal. 

     Thank you!"

  • 2019

    For seventh consequitive time the global organization "Superbrands" has given awards for excellent branding to leading consumers and business brands in the Bulgarian market.

    ARTEKS ENGINEERING was awarded for third consecutive time for the strongest buisness brand in residential building.


    At an official award ceremony of the annual awards of "Business Lady Awards 2019" magazine and Club, architect Vessela Miryanova, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD, received the award in the category of architecture and construction for Excellence in the management of the architectural company, steady growth and uncompromising quality construction, 12.06.2019.

    ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD  was awarded for "High standards, sustainability and functionality, added value and responsibility to the customer and the city" in the category "Architecture and Construction" in the national competition "Company of the year".

  • 2018

    DIAMOND BUILDING won “Building of the year” award in “Residential Buildings over 20 000 square meters in the national BUILDING OF THE YEAR competition for 2018. At an official ceremony, ARTEKS received the awards for the investor, designer and builder.

    AGAPEO BUILDING  was nominated in “Residential Buildings of 10 000 sq.m total built-up area up to 20 000 sq.m.” category in the “BUILDING OF THE YEAR” national competition for 2018.

    ANDROMEDA BUILDING was nominated in “Buildings of up to 10 000 sq. metres” category in the “BUILDING OF THE YEAR” national competition for 2018.

    ARIA BUILDING  was nominated in the category "Residential complexes of multifamily buildings" in the "Building of the year" national competition for 2018.

    For the 7th time, at an official ceremony Business Lady magazine has handed its awards in 12 categories. In the category "Construction and architecture" the prestigious "GREEN PRACTICES, HIGH STANDARDS AND EXCLUSIVE PROFESSIONALISM" was awarded to architect Vessela Miryanova - Executive Director of ARTEKS ENGINEERING, which again proves that ARTEKS ENGINEERING is at the height of avant-garde aesthetics and architecture, innovative 21st-century building technologies and provides this quality of life that can only be provided by a company that puts the happiness of the person in the center.


    ARTEKS ENGINEERING was awarded the highest prize - first place in category "INVESTOR WITH VISION" at the annual awards of b2b Media. The prize was given specifically for the company's project - 100-meter residential building ZLATEN VEK, "Zlaten rog" Str., Lozenets. ARTEKS ENGINEERING marks the beginning of the new GOLDEN AGE of Bulgaria with its winning building of the same name - Zlaten Vek, bearing the symbolism of change; of the strong drive for development and perfection, and which serves as an emblematic sign that Bulgaria is on the verge of witnessing its bloom again and stepping into the future as a truly dignified European country.


    At an official awarding ceremony for the b2b Media contest "THE GREEN COMPANIES IN BULGARIA", ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD won the first place for the greenest company in Bulgaria in "Construction and Real Estate" category.

    ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD won the Sustainable Development and Innovation in Construction and Architecture Award in the fourth edition of COMPANY OF THE YEAR - The Success in Focus, organized by Bulgaria Business Review, Business Lady and Business Lady Club. The prize was presented to architect Vesela Miryanova, Executive Director of the company.

    Foundation "OUR HOME IS BULGARIA" and architect Plamen Plamenov Miryanov were awarded with a distinction in PERSONALITY - INSPIRER category for Investor in the Christian and National  Traditions of Bulgaria at the "COMPANY OF THE YEAR - SUCCESS IN FOCUS".

  • 2017

    Architect Plamen Miryanov, owner and chairman of the board of directors of ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD, is the winner of the tenth title of "Manager of the year" for 2017.

    "Applause for the wonderful Bulgarian business! This award is for all the true Bulgarian decent business, for all people who follow the spirit of the Bulgarian Revival and build the future of Bulgaria. Believe in Bulgaria, please let us all put it together to excel in Europe, "were the first words of architect Miryanov. He broke the script and invited his wife, who is also a longtime partner in the company, to share the prize and raise the Crystal Statue of Manager of the Year together."

    For consecutive year, at an official award ceremony of the National Competition ‘BUILDING OF THE YEAR’ for 2017, ARTEKS ENGINEERING won the prize in the category ‘Residential Buildings’ with LETTERA Building.

    At an official ceremony in Vienna, organized by Gutman Bank, ARTEKS ENGINEERING received the prestigious four awards "The Gutmann Awards for the Most Outstanding Family Businesses in CEE 2017" for the most successful family business in Central and Eastern Europe. ARTEKS has the highest points due to their reputation: the company has received over 16 awards over the last 6 years. Criteria that were evaluated were as follows:

    Best Family Business in Family Governance:
    · Functioning family council
    · Family business protocol
    · A structured training program for the involvement of the next generation
    · Clear set of values, mission and a vision that is being actively transmitted to the next generation
    · Formal and well-functioning board of directors
    · Clear retirement plan

    Best Family Business in Philanthropy and Social Involvement:
    · Good labour policies
    · Several awards in terms of customer services
    · Superior supplier relationships
    · They are involved in helping their community thrive
    · Actively making cultural contributions to their community

    The awards were received by the daughter and grandson of the family - Lili Miryanova and Kristian Miryanov.

    During the annual awards of Business lady magazine and club was given an award to "OUR HOME IS BULGARIA" fundation for "Company of 2016".

  • 2016

    ARTEKS ENGINEERING was awarded "Company of 2016 year" in category "Building and architecture" during an official ceremony of "Company of 2016".

    At an official award ceremony of the National Competition ‘BUILDING OF THE YEAR’ for 2016, ARTEKS ENGINEERING won the prize in the category ‘Residential Buildings’ with LATINKA 7 Building.

    ARTEKS ENGINEERING has won the competition “THE GREENEST COMPANIES IN BULGARIA” in Building, real estates, commercial areas and business buildings category.

    For the fifth consecutive year, the annual awards of the magazine “Business Lady” were presented. In the sector of construction and architecture а prize was awarded to arch. Vesela Miryanova, CEO of ARTEKS ENGINEERING.

  • 2015

    At an official award ceremonyof the National Competition ‘BUILDING OF THE YEAR’ for 2015, ARTEKS ENGINEERING won the prize for nomination in the category ‘Residential Buildings and Complexes’ with the luxury residential complex STELLABOYANA. The complex was designed by ARTEKS PROJECT EOOD and developed by ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD.

  • 2014

    At the official award ceremony of the 2014 Building of the Year National Contest ARTEKS ENGINENRING was awarded a Certificate for a highly acclaimed nomination in the Residential Buildings and Complexes category for the luxury Boutique building ELEMAG DIOLOMAT at 32 Elemag Str. The building was designed by Arteks Project EOOD and implemented by Arteks Engineering AD.

  • 2012

    Yet again ARTEKS proved that the company was vigorously moving forward, even in a period of crisis. At the official award ceremony of the 2012 Building of the Year National Contest ARTEKS ENGINENRING was awarded first place in the Residential Buildings and Complexes category for the Boutique building Art Green at 109 Oborishte Str. The building was designed by Arteks Project EOOD and implemented by Arteks Engineering AD.

  • 2011

    2011 First place in the Façade of the Year: Fall 2011 contest organized by Baumit Bulgaria EOOD was awarded to the Premium building in the St. Cyprian Complex, Mladost 2 Residential Area, Sofia. The building was designed by Arteks Projects EOOD and the investor and contractor was Arteks Engineering AD.

    1st place in the competition of b2b Media Group "The greenest companies in Bulgaria 2010", in category Construction and Real Estates.

    1st place in the competition "Facade of the Year, season Spring 2011", organized by Baumit Bulgaria was awarded for the multifunctional building on 13A Tintyava Str., Sofia, Dianabad quarter. The building is designed by Arteks Proekt and is constructed by the investor ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD.

    1st place for „Builder of 2010” in category “Residential Construction” in the competition organized by Stroitelstvo Imoti (Construction of real estates) newspaper..

  • 2010

    Gold jubilee sign of the Bulgarian Industrial Association in category “Innovation” at the annual “IN-5” awards for contribution to the development of Bulgarian economy.

  • 2009

    “Builder of 2009” in category “Residential Construction” for the boutique building in Vassil Drumev Str.

    National prize “Person of 21st century” in category “Residential Construction”.

    Residential complex “Stella Boyana” – winner in the international competition “Best Project” for 2009, category “Best urban project”.

    Honorary diploma by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD as a manufacturer of high-quality Bulgarian product.

  • 2008

    Business lady of 2008 Arch. Vessela Mirianova – Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD.

    Nomination for “Building of the Year” in category “Residential buildings and complexes” with Residential building “Lotus”, Poligona H.E.

  • 2007

    Winner in the competition “Building of the Year” for 2007, in category “Residential buildings and complexes” with Sekvoya complex – 9A-9B Latinka Str. Awards for investor, designer and constructor.

  • 2006

    Silver certificate for 2006 for “Best construction practice” in category “Big companies” – by the Construction Chamber in Bulgaria.

    “Best construction company” award for 2005 by the Bulgarian Construction Chamber – Sofia.

  • 2004

    “Building of the Year"in category “City hotel”with hotel “Crystal Palace” –  Shipka Str., Sofia.