Architectural projects of the highest class.

    All buildings erected by Arteks Engineering begin on a blank sheet of paper under the pencil of our architects.
    Initially they are just an idea of something beautiful and different that will stand out and inspire. But not long after that the idea grows into the latest project implemented by the company preserving not only the architectural spirit of its architect/creator but also the responsibility to the people that will live there.
    In Arteks we could always proudly say that our buildings look just as good as they are functional.
    And they look great!


    Development and implementation of innovative interior solutions.

    Our projects meet the highest standards and new tendencies in modern architecture and design. The quality, coziness, and style subject to your desires are implemented by our team of professionals. For us the health and harmony of a home are an achievable goal by applying the principles and laws of sacred geometry, symbolics, radiesthesia and the rules of feng shui.

  • ARTEKS 2000

    ARTEKS ENGINEERING 2000 believes that the home should maintain the man, not the opposite.

    Purchasing a home from ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD is the end of your household worries and a new source of joy of life. The complex management of the maintenance company provides a 24-hour care of your home and its dwellers. The quality of services as well as the discretion and amiability of the staff meet the criteria of five- and six-star hotels. ARTEKS ENGINEERING 2000 comes with the ambition to set the highest standards of luxury way of life. We understand that as easy existence free of any disorders of daily life and full of beauty and new opportunities for one to be successful in the field of expertise of their choice.