As a data controller, ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD (ARTEKS or Company) strictly adheres to the legal and regulatory provisions regarding the collection and processing of personal data. To satisfy you as clients in any aspect is a priority for us, especially when it comes to your data. That is why, we assume as our obligation to take due care in the processing of your personal data and to take all possible measures to protect it from any unlawful acts.

We hereby provide you with information about the processing of your personal data and data protection rights as well as with the information under Art. 13 and Art. 14 ofRegulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (General Data Protection Regulation /GDPR/).


Our goal is to offer, through recognized standards and high-tech solutions, innovative and secure solutions to our clients as well as protection of the information and data you provide to us.



ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD, company number (UIC): 175155346

Headquarters and registered office:

46 Neofit Rilski Street

1000 Sofia

Phone: (02) 980 05 56



Data Protection Officer - Data Protection Association

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In the course of our business, we collect and process data for the following main purposes:

A. Selection and management of human resources

B. Execution and performance of agreements made with partners and suppliers

C. Execution and performance of agreements and provision of services assigned by clients

D. Video surveillance

A. Selection and management of human resources

Selection of human resources

We collect and process data necessary for the selection of staff if you are applying for a job with us. This is usually data and information that you have decided to provide to us. This is data about your education, work experience, as well as hobbies, interests, if you deem it necessary.

We store the collected data for a period of up to 6 months from the final completion of the selection procedure in which you participate. If for a certain position we would like to keep your data for a longer period (for possible future need in case of a vacant position), we will ask you explicitly for your consent during the selection process and will inform you about the storage period.

If during the selection process you provided us with copies or originals of documents, they will be stored with us for up to 6 months, whereupon they will be destroyed. You have the right to request that we return them to you within this period.


Human resource management

In general, the data that is collected and stored for the ARTEKS’ employees is such data as provided for by the Bulgarian labour and social security laws. This includes the processing of special categories of data such as health data. In some cases, we may collect and process data for our legitimate interest, for example for property security and management purposes. More detailed information about the way we process our employees’ data can be found in our internal document available to all employees entitled Privacy Notice Regarding the Processing of Personal Data of the Employees of ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD.

B. Execution and performance of agreements made with partners and suppliers

If you are our partner or supplier, in this case and in connection with the creation and development of our relationship, we collect certain data from you. The data we collect in this process is limited to identifying you, contact information for you and your employees who work with us. This usually includes names, personal identification number (if necessary for the specific purpose), address and telephone (email).

The data is stored for a period of no longer than the maximum statute of limitations, as of the end of the performance of the agreement, in order to protect your and our interests.

C. Execution and performance of agreements and provision of services assigned by clients

When performing an agreement that we have made with you and for the purposes of taking steps before the execution of any agreement, we collect and process mostly identification and contact information. This may include your names, personal identification number, address, telephone (email).

If you assign us to perform any service for you, we collect the data required by law for the valid assigning of such service, for example, in case of authorization by you, we collect the data necessary for the preparation and possible notarization of the power of attorney.

This data is collected and processed only for the purpose of performing the agreement scope, which includes, but is not limited to, sending notices regarding the performance, notices of any important change in the process of performance of the agreement, and protecting your and our rights, if necessary.

If you are our client or are about to enter into a contractual relationship with us, you can get acquainted with more detailed information about the way we process your data through the specialized Privacy Notice Regarding the Processing of Personal Data of Clients of ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD published on our website at Link and which can also be provided to you by our representatives/employees.


D. For marketing activities

If you are already our client or partner, in this case within our legitimate interest, we may contact you by email to send you information about our new projects. In this case, our legitimate interest is related to our right and efforts to develop our products and services.

If you do not wish to receive emails, you can always object to (opt out of) receiving any marketing information by sending a short email.

E. Video surveillance

Our head office in Sofia and our sites are under video surveillance. Video surveillance is used for protection and security of sites and assets and the video surveillance footage is stored within the minimum period provided for by the law.

ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD has taken all necessary technical and organizational measures to protect your privacy and to store and dispose of the video surveillance footage in compliance with all legal provisions and our internal regulations complied with the law.

Data access is strictly limited and granted in accordance with our internal regulations. Data access may also be granted to external persons who are employees of companies with which ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD has a contractual relationship, but only for the fulfilment of such persons’ obligations under the relevant contract.


We collect and process data from you only in compliance with the requirements of legality and good faith.

In general, we collect and process your data on one of the following legal grounds:

- within our pre-contractual relationship or to execute or perform an agreement;

- if required by the law;

- for our legitimate interest and such legitimate interest is related to the development of our business and for the management and protection of our assets.


Given the scope of our business and the data processing activities, a consent is a ground for processing, which is applicable in a limited number of cases.

In any case, if for any activity we need your consent for data collection and processing, we will notify you of this and we will require your consent for the specific activity in advance.


Automated solutions and profiling

We do not perform any automated decision-making activities, incl. profiling.


We collect the data we process directly from you, or such data is provided to us by a representative of yours, before entering into any contractual relationship with you as well as in the process of our relationship.

We also process information that we have received from publicly available sources (such as the registers kept by the Registry Agency), the media, published official lists of persons against whom sanctions are applied, etc.


ARTEKS shares your data only with third parties/bodies of the Company, with whom we are obliged by law to share such data and only after these bodies have duly identified themselves as having the relevant powers.

Besides government agencies and institutions, access to your data may be granted to persons who provide ARTEKS services, for example, for the maintenance of our computer systems. These providers/individuals are carefully selected and they, like us, have the same obligations to protect your privacy.


ARTEKS does not transfer any data outside the European Union.


Our Company treats personal data with care and attention and respects all your rights provided for by the law.

According to the law, you have:

- right to information as to whether we process your personal data (including information about the personal data that are being processed) and any available information about the origin of such data, unless it is protected by law as secret;

- right of access;

- right to request that we correct any inaccuracies in your personal data;

- right to have your personal data deleted;

- right to request a restriction on the processing of your personal data for a certain period of time;

- right to object to the processing;

- right to data portability.

To exercise some of these rights depends on the processing conditions of the data themselves. For example, it would not be possible to delete your data if its storage period has not expired.

In any case, we undertake to give feedback on each of your requests within one month. If an extension of that period is required, we will contact you further and give you the reason for such extension, which will not be longer than two months.

To exercise your rights, you can use the following application: Link


Should you believe that our Company violates your rights, you may contact us to discuss the matter at any time.

Notwithstanding the above, you may also file a complaint to the supervisory body, which is the Commission for Personal Data Protection (CPDP).

At the link below you can see the supervisory body’s complaint filing procedure and CPDP’s current contact details:


Am I obliged to provide personal data?

Within our business relationship, you are obliged to provide the personal data required for the commencement, performance and termination of your legal relationship with ARTEKS and for the performance of contractual obligations or applicable legal requirements.

Should you fail to provide the necessary data and documents, we will not be able to enter into a contractual relationship with you or continue any relationship that has already been established.

This policy is regularly revised and updated by us in order to be as clear, accurate and transparent as possible and to cover any new changes that might have occurred (if necessary). You can inform yourself about any such changes on our website at by requesting information from any of our employees.


Last updated: June 2020