• Question: I would like to buy a home from ARTEKS now, but I know that the homes of ARTEKS are among the most luxurious. Do you offer more affordable housing?


    In long-term perspective the ARTEKS home will be far more economical than cheaper alternatives as a compromise. Conditionally speaking, even its base model is superb and will increase its market value over time. It has the durability, functionality, aesthetics and prestigious address of the most luxury class.

    Moreover, the ARTEKS home is more affordable than you think. Weinvestin our customers on a long-term basis and strive to offer a solution that balances their desires, needs and opportunities at the moment.

    In a personal meeting we will offer you options. You will receive a sunny home, in which bills are low and the word ‘repair’ is forgotten. Call us!

  • Question: Sofia is an earthquake zone. Is my home secure and safe?


    All buildings of the company are ensured for seismicity of IX intensity degree according to Medvedev-Sponheuer-Karnik scale. The common foundation slab ensures that there will be no ‘slack’ in the building due to uneven subsidence of the bearing columns, neither cracks, nor distortions of walls and window frames. The waterproofing bath ensures integrity of the foundations in case of possible groundwater. As to concrete, it is of the highest grade.  Bridges are built of it.

  • Question: What is being done for sound insulation?


    The technology ‘floating floor’ with laid high-tech sound-insulation membrane FONASTEX provides protection against noise. The perfect ceramic bricks Wienerberger and seven-chamber German window frames with triple glass package ensure also comfortable living, even if a party is made on each floor!

  • Question: What electricity bills to expect?


    Your electricity bills will most probably be significantly lower than those that you currently pay!

    The owners of ARTEKS homes do not think, for example,about thermal insulation because its effect is already incorporated. The bricks are highly ecological ceramic Wienerberger, the window frames are original German, seven-chamber, glazed with triple glass package (with transparent, solar and low-emission K-glass), which reduces heat loss in winter and  limits the passage of UV-rays and heat in summer. The parameters of the homes are close to those of the so-called passive house, i.e. owners pay lower bills for heating, lighting, ventilation and maintenance than usual.

  • Question: Why are expensive materials put in the common areas (lobbies, staircases, gardens, lighting according to design) in times of crisis?


    A building that is unique, a building that is aesthetic and functional to its last centimeter increases its value over time. The company offers its customers an environment that makes them happy and enriches the city. The pleasure to share a harmonious and refined world contributes to the wonderful relations between those who live in it.

    Yes, we admit that the design of the shared areas is a pleasure to us, because we like to further elaborate and refine the details. The class of the building is in everything, not only in the façade.

  • Question: Can ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD prepare the interior of my new home?


    We will do that with pleasure! The customer can rely not only on a home of the type ‘trailor-made’, but also on the design and implementation of interior, consistent with his taste. The team of ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD maintains a continuous dialogue with the customer – from the hearing of his desires through the selection of the appropriate solution, design, construction, warranty and post-warranty service. We accompany you from your dream to the key in your hand and why not to the selection of your bedside lamp?

  • Question: Is it possible to change the internal layout of the already finished home?


    The layout is flexible and provides some options for customization. For example, in some buildings separate kitchens could be merged with the dining rooms. Meanwhile, we invite you to explore our homes to make sure that they are ready for a long and intensive use without any ‘redressing’. In them you can also save from furniture made by special design, because here there are not broken spaces that are difficult to furnish. There are no transitions between rooms.

  • Question: Is it far-sighted to buy a housing from ARTEKS as an investment?


    It is an excellent investment, if you use it constantly: lease it or inhabit it yourself. First, because of the perfect quality. In the course of time the home built by ARTEKS ENGINEERING AD is animated and does not wear out and lose its value. Second, the buildings of the company have their own recognizable presence in the urban environment and are prestigious with their remarkable architecture and excellent maintenance. Third, because of the location: the most promising addresses in the metropolis.