No one gives a diamond and no one accepts a diamond without the assurance that they have made the best choice. Diamond is the perfect creation of nature, and DIAMOND II is the perfect answer to the dream of a beautiful and sustainable home in Sofia.
    Your dwelling in the elegant architectural ensemble can be in the 15-story building A, 16-story B or 17-story C, and your car in one of the underground garages on two and three levels. The apartments are 2-3-4-room and multi-room, ranging from 55 to 483 square meters. A special feature of DIAMOND II is the landscaped terraces with a large area to some of the apartments. The predominant exposure is southern, and the glass capturing the facade invites the sun in your home, provides natural light on the stairs, and the game of rays reminds of the facets of the diamond. The building bodies, albeit tall, look ethereal in their environment. Sophisticated simplicity and pervasive quality - this creates the distinctive look of DIAMOND II.


    Whether the new page of your personal or family history starts with A, B or C and which of the three diamond buildings will open up its doors to your dream new home, it will welcome you with the ease and comfort, surrounded by the freshness of nature, reflected in the windows, with the coziness and satisfaction of the arranged lifestyle. DIAMOND II is within walking distance to the Hunting Park and the upper part of Borisov Garden and it is surrounded by new green areas designed under a special project around its buildings, which are an elegant, sophisticated extension of the landmark parkland of the capital. The impressive lobby invites you to the discrete gardens where the plant species are specially selected and the daily care for them guarantees freshness throughout the year. The improved infrastructure with built-in walkways and cycle lanes, stimulate you more often and naturally to enjoy the familiar quiet rest and family walks along the alleys of the city park.


    Eco-Responsible is not only your thinking and behaviour, but ecological are also the conceptual design, the construction, and the overall impact of your new home on the environment. Keeping the city and its environment safe and clean, your home is a symbol of comfort in the spirit of sustainable development due to the ecological materials from which it is built, due to their proven origin and flawless technologies, their warm and sound insulation, the optimal parameters achieved with the uncompromising performance of all coverings of the walls and floorings, where with professionalism, sense and attention to the smallest detail is born the perfect-DIAMOND II.


    For the last 27 years ARTEKS has managed to keep up with the requirements of the customer, the public and the environment. We strive to offer a truly responsible and dignified product - DIAMOND PRODUCT that serves uncompromisingly to each of the three components - customer, society, environment.

    Times change rapidly, demands for BUILDINGS OF THE FUTURE are becoming more and more. Together with them there are more methods and technologies to be introduced into them. Facades become bold, buildings are getting taller, materials are becoming more and more sustainable, systems and technologies are becoming increasingly green. In response to all these requirements, ARTEKS presents to Sofia its SECOND DIAMOND.


    DIAMOND II is linked to a nature-friendly lifestyle through a three-level restaurant with a menu, using organic products. Fresh natural products will also be offered by the dedicated bio-shop. The medical center (about 850 square meters), on the other hand, gives a sense of security, especially given the great interest of families with children at DIAMOND II. Residents, as well as those living in the area, can take advantage of the mega spa center (swimming pool, fitness, games rooms, yoga, pilates) of the nearby DIAMOND. The dialogue of the two buildings itself revives, improves and fills with new opportunities the environment to which ARTEKS ENGINEERING takes on a professional and civil engagement. Thus, appears another animated by children's games and a laughter place, inspired by those who love active life, nature and Sofia.


    In ARTEKS we understand that the home and environment in which a person lives is the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.
    The new DIAMOND II building captures the sun's rays - the majority of the apartments (2-3-4-room and multi-room) are facing south. The parking (for 212 cars) is underground, new green areas have been created.
    A three-level restaurant, an impressive lobby for the designed indoor garden and the peace of mind to live so close to the park - all complement the look of the jewel in which technology is advanced but discrete, where luxury is the ease of carefree life.
    Because the purity, the brilliance and the class of the diamond can not be surpassed ...