Arch. Plamen Miryanov turned 50 years old. 21/04/2015
The expression ‘the man ARTEKS ENGINEERING’ seems unacceptable for Arch. Miryanov. Yes, it is true that he started it all in 1993 and it was his idea to found this all-Bulgarian architecture and construction company, with the aesthetics the company establishes and the moral principles in business vindicated in any circumstances, but ARTEKS ENGINEERING cannot be only one man. ARTEKS is a promise we have made to our community for creative, honest and quality construction. It is most of all an obligation, professional and civic, which can be fulfilled only by people, many people. For us a more appropriate description would be “people sharing the same views” rather than “people working as a team”.

“Our criteria must be higher than any criterion that can be applied to you and your work. The question is not who you have surpassed but how far you can go. We cannot let people want little from us. We cannot let them satisfy themselves with something mediocre. That would make us a complete failure as professionals and as individuals.” Success is important for everyone, isn’t it?

Success for Arch. Miryanov is the trace of good that one leaves behind, the good done for others, for the community. “Work gives us yet another chance to do good if we do it with integrity. In fact, the greatest achievement is our integrity. We cannot hide the lack of it. Possessions or fame are just appendices, decoration.”