• Only peaks stand the test of time...

    Bulgaria is at the beginning of a modern GOLDEN AGE.

    ARTEKS ENGINEERING marks the beginning of the new GOLDEN AGE with its building of the same name called “ZLATEN VEK” which symbolizes change, perfection and a strong impetus for development. The building serves as an iconic sign which shows that Bulgaria is on the verge of achieving a boom, and is stepping into the future as a truly dignified European country!

    For Sofia, for Bulgaria, for the future!
  • ZLATEN VEK BUILDING will rise to the height of avant-garde aesthetics, innovative technologies and the quality of life that can only be provided by the architecture that puts the happiness of the people first.

    "ZLATEN VEK" fits unsurpassed levels of comfort, environmental friendliness, energy efficiency in a building that identifies with excitement and inspiration. The emblematic buildings in Sofia should not be a matter of the past. Our present time is the beginning of a worthy future!

    We want ZLATEN VEK BUILDING to be spirited by the people in it-people who are open-minded, full of success, full of optimism and driven to the extraordinary. Because we believe you are among them, welcome to our mutual "ZLATEN VEK"!"
  • "ZLATEN VEK" - the new peak of Sofia

    ZLATEN VEK - it is peace, beauty, perfection. ZLATEN VEK is a time when all prejudices and doubts are rejected and the extraordinary is created. The Golden Age is a time in which human happiness comes first. The Golden Age is not just a romantic memory of the past - it is a future that we can create together.

    ARTEKS ENGINEERING named its newest building "ZLATEN VEK" (Lozenetz District, 10, "Zlaten Rog" Street) to embody the symbol of change. Bulgaria is entering in its new Golden Age as a worthy European country whose citizens have the freedom, self-esteem and taste to choose the best for themselves and for society.
  • For the Bulgarians, the Slavonic alphabet is invariably related to the idea of light, progress and the way we move forward together as a nation. This is the reason why ARTEKS has integrated alphabetic letters and symbols in "ZLATEN VEK". The decorative grills on the façade, which hide the apartment's ventilation holes, are pieces of embroidery of Glagolitic and Cyrillic script.
    "ZLATEN VEK" rises ... in three stylized wheat ears, soaring from arches thirty metres high. The wheat ear is a symbol of life itself, of growth and upturn, of prosperity and progress, which you can expect only if you have invested diligence and persistence in your work. In Christianity, wheat symbolizes faith: the seed of the word of God sprouts in the souls of decent and virtuous people, becomes an ear, and bears fruit. Yes, the impressive buildings today tell stories, enter into dialogue, turn into decor, and act as a spectacle of the city.
  • The Golden Age of Simeon the Great is associated with the spiritual uplift of the Bulgarian people after the country's Christianization during the reign of his father Boris. The three wheat ears bear the idea of the Holy Trinity, as well as Faith, Hope and Love - Sofia's daughters. The three arches also display the eternal Proto-Bulgarian symbol -Y- the symbol of Khan Kubrat.
    Yes, the impressive modern day buildings tell stories, enter into dialogue, turn into the spectacle of the city as actors in our common history: of the place, the times, the people.
    ZLATEN VEK is an inspired building because it is a constructive message with its name. It brings with it an urge for decisive optimism: the Golden Age is forthcoming if we choose it.
  • Artistic and daring, spirited and sophisticated, with its powerful beauty "ZLATEN VEK" will capture the eyes and the cameras, it will be one of the most captured faces of the modern, cosmopolitan, magnetic Sofia.
    With "ZLATEN VEK", the company shows that the capital and its people deserve a building that amazes, fills with energy and generates pride.
    Green, energy-efficient, sustainable (with solar panels on the roof) ZLATEN VEK BUILDING also saves resources for its owners and the environment itself.
    The building is a "green neighbour" because of its cultivated green areas and the perfectly regulated parking on three underground levels. "ZLATEN VEK" is enveloped and penetrated by the sun and the play of rays and shadows, clouds and stars throughout the day makes it always new and surprising.
  • Sofia needs buildings with character, temperament and uniqueness. It is time to translate the word "skyline" into the language of Sofia's architecture. The wide City Center is not a historical reserve with old aesthetic principles. Such statics would kill the city's energy. In Sofia, there is a field for architect visionaries who infuse with their projects a new life in its architectural appearance, bring dynamics, rhythm, innovation to it. "ZLATEN VEK" comes with such determination.

    Designed as an open, lively world of people who love and appreciate Sofia and feel a sense of responsibility towards the city, "ZLATEN VEK" rises as a symbol of a new beginning, a new hope.
ZLATEN VEK, "Lozenets"


Lozenets, Zlaten Rog Str.

0886 000 500