HARMONY BUILDING, G. M. Dimitrov Blvd.

    As inspiration for HARMONY we used the energetic rhythm of Sofia. It encourages all those living in the capital to seek the best, to enjoy the best and to do their best. HARMONY is for those who appreciate the opportunities that our rapidly developing European capital provides. A home in HARMONY places you in a highly communicative and promising place: the intersection of two main boulevards - "Dragan Tsankov" and "G. M. Dimitrov ", next to the metro station. The home in HARMONY is an excellent start to a hectic day and at the same time a safe, comfortable and healthy living environment.

    With its two areas - for living and shopping - HARMONY grows as an architectural composition that responds to the needs of people and makes the area itself more functional, lively and green. Consistent with the principle of ARTEKS ENGINEERING to build while bringing aesthetics and freshness into the heart of the big city, a unique, green ecological project (6 311 m2) will be created in front of the building. The landscaping project, carefully utilizing every centimeter, offers themed spots and recreation areas sinking into selected shrubs and flowers. The building uses the natural terrain displacement and has convenient access from all sides with the parking providing several underground levels.
  • The residential building HARMONY impresses with its 16-story height. It rises as yet another building symbolic of Sofia and its newly found self-esteem. Unique aesthetics - a synthesis of classical purity and daring modernity - is not only a façade but a pervasive one. The living and shared spaces emit sophistication and ease. The apartments are varied in size and distribution to meet the variety of searches and tastes. Fabulous panoramic views (the southern exposure is predominant in HARMONY) fill one with optimism.
    HARMONY HOUSING: enviable location, world-class architecture, versatility and ARTEKS's handwriting ...