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It all starts from the foundation of the building and reaches to the design of the switch, and in the last buildings – to the electronic access card. Quality is what cannot be added subsequently, and what time will not take.

Since its beginning in 1993 ARTEKS ENGINEERING has been committed to the idea of quality demonstrated in every square centimetre. Always following the European and world standards, the company complies to the principles of sustainable architecture: energy efficiency, environmental protection, addressing the needs of customers with care to the interests of the future generations.

The company has always been an architectural construction company, which ensures consistency between design and implementation. The main construction team, who has not been changed since the 90’s, makes each project in permanent dialogue with designers.

The residential building is the only building that is a human’s fortress, his home, his most special and sacred place. That is why we, the architects, always strive to fulfil the customer's dream for their ideal home, to satisfy their hope for happiness. Architecture is math, art but also knowing the nature of people and love for people. People come first, and much further back is the designer’s ego. Many times we have sacrificed an original idea for the façade, because it would take from the sun's rays into the interior. People are first, then the facades.

A residential building changes its surroundings and belongs to the public. The visible and the material affect the spirit of the place and people. That's why what we build should have spiritual value: to soothe, to boot, to lift the human. For example, the name of our project "Zlaten Vek" was inspired by the pursuit of the boom in the Bulgarian architecture, culture and writing system, as it was at the time of that worthy disciple of Magnaurska school-Tsar Simeon the great. It becomes a bridge between the ages and a message to all those who are willing to create a new reality. Since its beginning ARTEKS has been devoted to social architecture that fits respectfully in the environment and at the same time stands out as a force for positive change in it.

We think that a residential building should have its own name, its own story, and its own character. The main task of the architect is to positively influence both the people who go by and the occupant through their work. It is important to mention that the human eye, in its nature, enjoys the relief and texture, shadows and rolled plastic art. That's why we use dynamic three-dimensional spatial solutions, relief panels, natural stone and wood finishes, and sometimes green facades. In the meantime we seek the building to resemble the human body. One is a home of the man, and the other – a home of the soul. In our body we find absolute logic, pattern and perfect principles. A shell has a decorative character, but meets the inner function. This according to us is sustainable residential architecture.

A rule in ARTEKS before starting work on the terrain is to know in details from how the building will look and how it will fit to the building surrounding areas – to the design of the lighting. Most people buy homes from ARTEKS before the building is even started because they are surein the correct execution of all that is promised. At the same time, an active dialogue with the customer is a part of the design process. The preferred functional distributions of the luxury apartments can be arranged in advance; the kitchen can be easily merged or split from the living room if the customer wants it in the process of living. The idea is the interior changes to be made without unnecessary spending of time and money. That's why the premises are designed without complex volumes. It is the customer needs that have led to some of the most resourceful solutions. On the other hand, we always inform our clients about current trends in design and all the latest technology and installations that we build in.

Our goal is the home to surround the person and the building to fit in its environment. The style of ARTEKS, set in our second realization of the company from 1997 in "Mila Rodina" Street, is recognizable with classical purity, nobility of discrete stone façade with its refined details and special lighting. Our buildings have never been in flashy colours but we have chosen stone and exquisite combination of shades. The buildings are not „an island of prosperity" amid disarray but we have improved the environment with infrastructure, with special lighting and landscaped green areas.

Beautiful buildings are unfamiliar to anonymity and enhance the quality of the environment. ARTEKS has always improved its surrounding areas. We do not start building before preparing a landscape design for conservation of protected trees, enrichment with selected new plant species and a plan for maintaining the surrounding area. Where the urban fabric is the most solid, the company aims to integrate the landscaping in the roof spaces and on the facades of the building.

Quality always starts from the basics. We take special care for the foundation of the buildings having in mind that Sophia is in a seismic zone. The foundation plate ensures that the building is as on a rock, and a hydro isolation bath protects the foundations from groundwater. All constructions are insured for earthquakes to IX degree "Medvedev-Sponheuer-Karnik’ scale. And "Arteks Engineering is qualified in constructing high-rise residential buildings, we engage consultants-engineers from Chile. The tall building we are designing will follow not only euro codes for earthquake resistance, but also the strictest California’s rules for this indicator. We build using concrete with highest quality and each raw material used by the company, is without any harmful emissions, with guaranteed origin and verified suppliers. The bricks are high-quality ceramic Wienerberger, Belgian joinery "Reynaers" is of the highest class. The environmental qualities of the building are seen as complex. On the one hand, it should provide a healthy environment for its residents, with optimal performance of heat and sound insulation, sunshine and air purity. On the other hand, the building should be secure to the environment.

High comfort, fresh air, and resource saving- an example for this is the recuperation system firstly used by Arteks in Diamond Building, and now in Diamond 2 and in the upcoming Zlaten Vek. The recuperation system purifies the air from dust, pollen and fine particles, and the exhausted air is used to regulate the temperature in the premises. Fresh air is provided at significantly reduced cost for heating and cooling of the premises.

Space, light, security and comfort – all our customers can receive this in their home from Arteks. Our concept for quality of the building shall ensure that each home will respond, and probably will exceed expectations. The whole range of offers by the company ensures a feeling of ease of living and satisfaction. We know that the essential criterion for the quality of a product is the happiness of the man who has found another precious gift – their home.

I would share a few beautiful words of Academic Vesnin about my favourite art. "Architecture – this is the sign of humanity left on Earth in all phases of its development." Professor Damyanov did add that "architecture cannot and should not be impersonal and without ideas. It should express in specific artistic forms the life of the society, which creates it."


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