About us

Arteks Engineering is entirely Bulgarian architecture and construction family company created by architects Vessela and Plamen Miryanovi with the will and determination to work according to the world standards, to satisfy the clients desires and to find its place in the highest place in the real estate market. The company designs, invests and builds luxury residential buildings, administrative complexes and private houses, builds tempels and reconstructs cultural monuments. Except the objects warranty and after warranty maintenance, Arteks often takes care of their complex management.

Stability, honesty, innovativeness - these are ARTEKS ENGINEERING main values. The company does not change its subject of activity, its name, team and address. The loyal customers become more and more thanks to the invariably high quality and unconditionally keeping to the ethical business practices. The best proven raw materials and technologies are company`s standard, even when the market and the client compromise cheap alternatives. Classical shapes and modern fusion, ARTEKS ENGINEERING buildings radiate humane architecture.

It is company`s responsibility to give its clients a home, which is built in a healthy environment, dwelled with ease and joy, which will be functional and aesthetic far in the future. This is a home with low energy consumption, and its market value grows with time. It is ARTEKS ENGINEERING`s responsibility to “return” the terrains of its activity with improved infrastructure, ecological and energy-efficient buildings, giving the environment beauty and feeling of civil commitment. It is a company mission to combine these two responsibilities - to the client and the city.

Sofia is the main company perimeter of action. The whole ARTEKS ENGINEERING activity is expression of love to our beautiful European city.