• LETTERA Building finds meaning and passion in the new, which however naturally and beautifully inscribes in the environment with its layers of nature, history, culture.
    With this new building in its portfolio ARTEKS again truly follows its love and devotion to Sofia - by constructing a building, which is both standing out and fitting in the environment. The proximity to a school has inspired the architects to integrate Glagolhic symbols in the facade and text of elevating and enlightening nature. Thus, the stateliness of stone, the necessary combination of nuances, the ennobled environment with improved infrastructure, special lighting and detailing of the facade elements are IMPPRESSIVE. Impressive class. Standing out, according to ARTEKS is exactly in the emanation of class: the irreplaceable by anything else sense of measure, the self-exactness and perfection both in the conception and in its implementation.
  • Architecture is mathematics, architecture is art, architecture is transforming the world. Yes, it’s true; yet for ARTEKS it is primarily science of man and love for man that are reflected in creation. To advance in the big world man must have that ‘fuel’, which is given to him only by the small world of home and family: warmth, love and cheerfulness. To be a family is not to live together, but to go together along the path of life and to experience together pain and joy. Therefore, when we build, we always imagine that our client is a family! It is not by chance that we offer only spacious apartments, as it is specifically in the LETTERA building. We do not allow small bedrooms and children’s rooms are designed with special care.
  • Every building has its own face and cannot be confused with another building; it is so with the LETTERA building. Rejection of any uniformity and anonymity is evident in its name. We choose the name so that it suits the appearance and character of the building, but also has a strong positive charge, be a logo-name that symbolically brings together the course of the universe, the forces of love and purposefulness. Uniqueness is also ensured by the emblematic detail so loved by ARTEKS, which is incorporated in the façade. It strengthens our interest in the symbol that helps to balance the energies in the environment and to synchronize the hectic rhythm of man and the universal rhythm of strength, health and enthusiasm about life.
  • “Dear architect Plamen Miryanov,

    My name is Dora Nikolova. I am from Kazhanlаk city and I can`t miss speechlessly this beauty that I saw on one of your buildings and truly touched my heart (I saw an idea that I once had to write the Glagolhic alphabet on one of the walls of my house…). I was really excited and thrilled - you have created a “living “building. I can`t find words to describe the feeling that I had when seeing this amazing and marvelous exquisiteness, which brings you perfect ease and lifts you at the same time above the ground. If I can use two words to describe it: You create ARCHITECTURAL POETRY!
    Keep following your heart! And always find followers.”

    Best Regards,
    Dora Nikolova